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Canon 60D Easy cover

Modelis:   Canon 60D Easy cover
Pēc pasūtījumā: 1-5 dienās
Sīkāk par pieejamību
Cena: 35.13 Eur

  Product features:

silicone Protection Cover for SLR cameras Canon 60D
protects realiably against scratches, impacts and wearing down 
no disturbances of camera functions at all
antiskid grip surfaces for much more stability
access to memory card and battery compartment
incl. two different, self-adhesive protection foils for your camera display
As most important and most-used implement of every photographer, the camera needs to withstand highest impacts day-to-day. Environmental impacts such as humidity and dust as well as unavoidable scratches and pushes can lead to unattractive signs of wear. A Protection Cover for the camera can prevent such damages. Like a second skin, the easyCover fits over your camera and protects it simply and reliably. 
The silicone cover can be put over easily over your Canon camera. All operating functions of your camera can be found 1:1 on the Cover, so that the full functionality is guaranteed without restrictions. Certainly, the access to memory card and battery compartment is also given. Additionally, the antiskid grip surfaces on the most important parts provide compact grip and secure stability. As to protect your camera display as well, two self-adhesive foils are also included in delivery. While your camera enjoys highest protection, you can pay attention to the really important things: Impressing pictures!

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